Updated: Hospital Bag Packing List

February 17, 2022 2 min read

Updated: Hospital Bag Packing List

It’s almost that time to have baby number 2 and I wanted to bring everyone my updated packing list for my hospital bag! For reference, I don’t really feel like I overpacked when we were in the hospital for Oakley but I definitely have slimmed down this packing list for this baby. My bag is completely packed and luckily everything I ordered arrived early as well so I am not waiting on anything!

The hospital truly does have a lot of things that are needed: diapers, wipes, etc. That being said, Oakley hated being swaddled with the itchy blankets they used and hated having her arms down; so I am bringing an arms up swaddle for this baby. I wish I had brought my pump with me when I was in the hospital with her so I have that packed as well. I also fully intend to exclusively breastfeed, it would be an absolute dream of mine. That being said, I want to prepared in case that doesn’t happen. I felt like Oakley was so hungry in the hospital and I was never offered any formula to give her so I am bringing my own.

Another quick tip I have is to pack everything in a suitcase! So much easier than trying to lug around a duffle bag IMO!




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