Oakley's Favorite Toys

January 08, 2021 2 min read

Oakley's Favorite Toys

It’s 2021 and it’s time for Oakley’s favorite baby toys! Keep in mind, I am writing this as Oakley just turned 5 months old- just so everyone knows the age level of her toys! We are huge proponents of wooden toys to spark her own creativity. We do have one light up toy that was gifted to us that she enjoys but we just try to keep it to morning play time only and limited time!

UPDATE: I am constantly adding to this blog. Oakley is now 18 months old and it’s 2022! I wanted to keep this list going so it’s her toys in order of when she was a newborn to now a toddler!

Please also keep in mind that I have two other blogs for Oakley’s baby items (such as her stroller, etc) and her nursery.

I also would like to point out that not everything listed below is in the photo.

Teepee Activity Center

Black and White Contrast Cards

Wooden Play Gym

Hanging Wooden Toys

Tummy Time Toy Pillow

Wrist and Foot Rattles

Stroller Toy Attachment 

Feather Teether

Beaded Rattle

Wooden Bell Rattle

Tummy Time Activity Center

Activity Chair

Rainbow Tall Toy

Woodland Animal Rattles

Custom Name Puzzle

Mushroom Light Up Toy

Crochet Hanging Toys

Caterpillar Toy

TeePee Fort

Stackable Cups

Black and White Play Mat (code OAKLEY)

Black and White Hanging Activity Pad (code OAKLEY)

Ball Pit with Balls

Sensory Box

Mauve Stackable Rainbow

Baby Wooden Pen

Soft Play Mats

Weight and Shaker Cup Rattlers

Wooden Doll Stroller

Baby Doll

Wooden Leaf Puzzle

Jelly Fish Lamp

Water and Sand Picnic Table

Wooden Climbing Set

Wooden Plant Game

Ball Game

Wooden Xylophone Toy

Wooden Sorting Rocks

Sticker Books:

4000 sticker book

2000 sticker farm book

1000 cat sticker book

1000 Disney princess sticker book

Busy Board Book (with zippers and clasps)

Simple Dimple(pop its)