Ergo Stroller Vs Doona

January 28, 2021 2 min read

Ergo Stroller Vs Doona

Never in my life did I think I would be so passionate about writing a blog about a stroller, but here we are!



We have used the Doona since birth and absolutely love it! Josh is 6’3 and I am 5’3 and the handle length works for both of us. The convenience of having a stroller and car seat in one is absolutely ingenious and convenient. We don’t run a ton of errands around town (thank goodness for online grocery ordering), but when we do- it is extremely handy to just convert the car seat to the a stroller and go! Especially living in Iowa, we don’t spend any extra time out in the cold. That being said, it is heavy and BIG. We have taken it with us on all of our trips and it has flown on about 30 planes so far with us. I do recommend a travel case for it if you are planning to fly with it. The issue with using it as a stroller on a plane is that you have to gate check it every single time. I also do not find it convenient to carry as a car seat as it is so heavy and bulky. There also is not a basket built in but you can also add an organizer on! Baby also always will be facing you in the Doona when used as a stroller!


We are heading to Disney World soon and I knew I would need a different stroller with a basket and a little more room for her. She also loves being able to see where we are going which is not an option for the Doona. I consulted with a few of my mom friends who travel often and they all recommended the Ergobaby stroller. We currently don’t use the Doona to push her around the airport because we do not like gate checking and having to wait at the end of the jet bridge for the stroller. Here is where the Ergo comes in handy- it folds up (which one hand and one pull) and is built to fit in the overhead compartment of a plane. That being said- it does NOT fit in all airplanes, specifically regional jets. Luckily most flight attendants will place the stroller in the coat compartment. We really enjoy the Ergo and all of its features- specifically being able to adjust baby to almost lay flat and almost sit up completely straight. The canopy is huge and the stroller is very smooth.

Ultimately- everyone’s lifestyles are different and you need to select the stroller / car seat combo that will work best for you and your family! I hope this blog helped!