Beach Baby Must Haves

February 28, 2021 2 min read

Beach Baby Must Haves

We are back from Disney and Hawaii- what an amazing month! Celebrating baby’s 6 month at Disney world and our birthdays in Hawaii, beyond blessed to get to travel with our baby. Not a day goes by I don’t thank God at night for all he’s blessed us with. I do have all of our travel related blogs saved under the “travel” tab if interested!


I wanted to share some tips with everyone about what we packed for the pool and the beach for little babe as well as some other items needed from this little iowa baby’s skin in the warm weather! As always, sunscreen is not recommended for babies under 6 months of age so please, always consult with your doctor!

I would also like to note that everything on this list was packed in a standard checked suitcase. It goes without saying, but please never leave baby unattended with any of these items


Is there anything more difficult than to remove sand from a baby’s hand. No. No there isn’t. It’s cute for about a second to see them play until a fist full of sand is hurled towards their mouth. No worries! I found this amazing beach canopy that allows baby to play, sand free, and have a removable canopy to stay out of the sun! It also folded down extremely compact and was very easy to fly with. Just dig a small hole and set it up for baby! I don’t think she would have enjoyed it as much if she couldn’t sit on her own.

I wanted to bring beach specific toys in case they got so covered in sand that we couldn’t salvage them! I found a few without an air hole (no water = no mold)!


Oakley loves bath time so we were so excited to get her into the pool. This floaty with the optional canopy was the best thing I packed. She absolutely loved it! It was very easy to get the straps set up for her (recommend doing it outside of the water)! It is on the pricier side but if you know you are going to be spending vacation or the summer in the pool- I truly, truly love this item!


This was the sunscreen her doctor recommended. I ordered the stick and the spray. I will say, the spray is not like a mist like regular sunscreen. I sprayed into my hand and applied to her skin, I didn’t spray her skin directly. I also used only the stick on her face

The sun hat was a key for us, especially while hiking and walking around the beach. It shaded the majority of her upper body and she looked beyond adorable with it on! Highly recommended. The strap also has a break away feature for safety.

After baby is done playing outside, it’s recommended to bathe them to remove all sunscreen at night (as well as any chlorine from the pool). This is a great aloe to use after the bath!

Do not be like me and almost forget that babies need special diapers for swimming!