A No BS Hospital Bag List

August 12, 2020 3 min read

A No BS Hospital Bag List

You’ve seen the overwhelming infographics on Pinterest for what ShOuLd be in your hospital bag. I am here to tell you, six days post delivery, you do NOT need that much stuff. There are 3 bags you need to bring: yours, babies, and your significant other’s (that they are responsible for packing)

As I gave birth during COVID, we did not get to tour the hospital so I had no idea what would be provided so I could have even packed less had I known how much stuff they would provide! I will denote what I could have left at home below! You may be able to contact the maternity center at the hospital you will be delivering at too to see what they provide and/or if they have a recommended list of what to bring on their website


 I personally lived in the hospital gown until the day we left because why wouldn’t I? I was recovering from a vaginal delivery, passing blood clots the size of whole eggs, and learning to breast feed. I was in no mood to put on “real” clothes until I had to. We were in the hospital from Wednesday evening to Saturday morning. I personally packed a suitcase with the following for me:


 It’s super weird to not need underwear as they will provide you with super flattering hospital mesh underwear and the largest pads you have ever seen. I personally wish I had brought my adult diapers to the hospital that I ordered to use at home. The hospital also provided witch hazel pads. Additionally, they provided the numbing spray but you could also bring your own if you choose

The hospital should have virtually anything you need (diaper cream, they will give baby a bath so no need to bring those types of supplies, cream for baby’s dry skin if they have any, etc)


  • Diaper bag
  • 1-2 outfits (we only used 1 outfit when we left the hospital, between all the checkups that occur from what seems like 9200 nurses, it’s much easier to just leave them in a swaddle)
  • 1-2 swaddles or blankets (the hospital should provide swaddle blankets)
  • Name plaque (again, for pictures)
  • Wipes (could have left at home)
  • Newborn diapers (could have left at home) 
Significant other:


  • 3 days worth of “regular” clothes, Josh brought 2 pairs of workout pants, 3 t-shirts, and 1 pair of jeans
  • Toiletries
  • Nice camera (again, not necessary for everyone)
  • Gopro to film (again, not necessary for everyone)
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Charger
  • Laptop
It’s also important to note that if you are giving birth any time soon, you will more than likely be required to be tested for COVID. We were required to wear masks everywhere except our room so I recommend bringing extra for your SO if they plan to pick up food from door dash or uber eats as they will have to go down to get it unless a nurse volunteers to do it for you.
And that’s pretty much it! Pretty simply and very minimal “stuff”. The idea that you are going to want to dress your baby in 9 different outfits a day adorned with accessories just isn’t realistic unless it’s something you absolutely want to do for photos. Totally up to you!